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Certain products are "Classes and Camps". These are not performances, but they are modeled as such to leverage the Event and Event Date data model of OpenTickets, and to share the integration (data syncronization) with CiviCRM. All classes and camps will need to capture the name of the child who is being registered for the class or camp as a separate participant from the parent doing the registering. Not all classes and camps require the same additional custom data (i.e. sometimes they need to collect t-shirt size, or emergency contact info, other times not.) BACT needs a system that can handle this flexibility.

Use Cases

  • Patron registers her child for a class or camp
  • BACT staff downloads a camp or class roster that includes the additional data


Actor Description/Role
Purchaser an individual buying tickets (or classes or camps)
Box Office Staff Staff that creates and manages shows in Open Tickets or uses contact data in CiviCRM