Table of Contents


Email Operations

  1. Facilitate review and update to transactional email templates.
  2. Port email template customizations (generally anticipated after CiviCRM Upgrade).
  3. Facilitate ConstantContact data/contact/list migrations

Teacher access to CiviCRM

  1. Installation & configuration of WordPress module to allow users to hold more than one role at a time.
  2. Specify and configure roles, ACLs, smart groups, etc. to allow all teachers access to all students, their parents, class rosters, and to wholesale flag entire components of CiviCRM as off-limits
  3. Create custom reports for teacher use e.g class rosters and/or aggregating multiple events in a single "course" or "camp"

Volunteer Management

  1. CiviVolunteer Training on creating projects, opportunities, scheduling, etc
  2. Automatically create volunteer needs based on shows


  1. Consultation on current usage and tracked data to recommend improvements
  2. Custom Fields or Custom Reports as needed. Examples may include Summary Fields, VIP notifications report, and a LYBUNT report.

Training & Documentation

  1. Train BACT select staff to give training to other BACT staff on using OpenTickets: design, prepare materials, document implementation
  2. Training on Mosaico, CiviMail, and Bulk Mail best practices