Data Syncronization

Data Syncronization This is a meta-feature providing a high-level view of data-syncronization in the system. Status Solution

Show Syncronization

Model Open Tickets Entities in CiviCRMThis is a key integration of OpenTickets with CiviCRM since contact and participant data will generally be handled by other plugins. Two CiviCRM Entities are needed to model Open Tickets Events and Event Dates: CiviCampaigns and CiviEvents. This will enable...

WooCommerce CiviCRM Plugin

WooCommerce CiviCRM PluginContextContext Create Contributions for Transactions When a purchaser completes a transaction in WooCommerce, a CiviCRM contact should be created (or updated) and a contribution record should be created for the transaction.DiscussionDiscussionResolutionResolut...

Collecting Custom Data

Collecting Custom Data During Checkout Capturing additional participant data during checkout that is synced to CiviCRM. Forms and where they are displayed must be able to be managed by staff in WordPress. Status Fleshing out requirements and technical specifications.

Admin Custom Checkout

Administer Custom Check-out Box Office Staff are able to build forms and configure the products they will be displayed in the check-out workflow for. Status Discussion

Flex Passes

Flex PassesFeature StatusTechnical approach and reconciling requirements with what is feasible.UnresolvedDiscussion Notes Context Not fully complete: impacted by resolution of discussion about Applying Flex Passes. Applying Coupon Codes Identifying Extension Points Techni...

View Flex Pass Usage on Contact Record

View Flex Pass Usage on Contact RecordNumber of Flex Pass tickets remaining should be shown (accurately) on an individual's contact record.Feature StatusTechnical approach and reconciling requirements with what is feasible. The client will need to confirm priority based on budget. This cust...

Model Flex Pass Purchase as Contribution

Model the purchase of a Flex Pass as a Contribution in CiviCRM Status Need to determine if this warrants a feature, or if it can be captured as a component of either Model Performances as Events or View Flex Pass Usage on Contact Record.

Allow single-day registration for multi-day camps

Allow single-day registration for multi-day camps Status Confirming user stories and finishing context. Need to determine if this feature is primarily a configuration scope or if custom development is needed.

Front-end Miscellaneous

Front End MiscellaneousPretty small features, grouped together for ease of assignment to a developer.StatusNeed to locate any existing documentation of approach or requirements for:Sold-out Links to third-party ticket sales on Calendar Accept and properly record additional gift when...

Data Transformation and Migration

Data Transformation(s) and Migration(s)Getting the old/existing data into the new system.StatusContinuing with OpenTickets/WooCommerce -> CiviCRM data sync development, and expecting that this dev work will eventually shed light and provide answers to some of the technical and logistics que...


Feature Backlog These features are a mix of configuration, Ginkgo scope, data migration scope, and features we aren't certain will need implemented yet.

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