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Open Tickets Overview

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The core functionality: integration with WooCommerce, ticket sales, event calendar and event management, are included in the completely free core-plugin.

Likely, the best purchase will be the “Enterprise Edition” annual license for $500. This includes all of the available extensions, updates, plus support.


Before creating Events and Event Times, OpenTickets must be configured with:

  • Products - define ticket pricing
  • Venues - Address locations for events
  • Event Areas - theaters (one or many per venue)

General Options

Global options for the plugin include:

  • Enable and configure Reservation functionality
  • Receipting
  • Display Options: formatting, styling, labels
  • Sales Availability (e.g. online box-office closes x hours before show)
  • Ticket design
  • Information displayed on a user account screen
  • Venue mapping configuration

Global Event Configuration


Global Ticket Configuration


Venue and Event Setup

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  • Create Product
  • Create Venue
  • Create Event Area and set pricing
  • Create Event
  • Publish Events

Event Setup Video How-To’s

Event Calendar (Front-end)

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Checkout (Front-end)

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Seating Charts

  • Create and manage seating charts
  • set colors, prices, and layouts
  • Automated Seat Numbering
  • Mobile-friendly charts
  • Reserved and zone seating.

“GAMP” - General Admission Multi-Pricing

The core plugin provides the ability to define “Event Areas” associated with one ticket product each.

The General Admission Multi-Pricing extension allows for defining additional pricing for the same event.

  • Create General Admission Tier Ticket Pricing
  • Offer customers the opportunity to purchase various tickets tiers in one checkout process
  • Create General Admission Tier Ticket Prices Templates for single and recurring Events
  • Easily add pricing templates to Venue Event Area

Coupons & Passes

The Season and Flex Passes Extension allows you to create products that when purchased gives a digital code. The largest usage of this is to create purchasable Season Passes, Flex Passes and Custom Coupons tied into your events.

  • Sell products that generate a digital code
  • Create coupons for one/some/all events with date range and usage limits
  • Add coupons directly to the orders in the admin
  • Flash sales tied to a particular event or set of events

Box Office

Sell tickets (Reserved, with the Seating plugin, or General Admission) and take payments directly in the Admin.

Also, it keeps an audit log of various actions that happen over the course of an order’s history, in an audit log, which is displayed on the edit order screen.

It additionally provides the use of 3 ‘admin only’ payment methods- in-house cash, in-house check, and in-house other. These can only be used by Admin users.