Table of Contents

Project Sprint Management

Our implementation of Agile Project Management for this project shall consist of....


The Project Lab (this site) contains the Roadmap. The Roadmap is made up of features. before work begins on a feature, it requires to have:

  • Articulated Scope: "context", personas, and use-cases, and mock-ups
  • Decision documentation: discussions and resolution about the details of the approach to implementation.
  • Articulated Solution describing the technical approach and components.


Issues with the status of "Planning" make up the "Backlog" of issues not ready to begin work on.

Issues should not be created well in advance.


The issue type of "Epic" should be used to describe a project goal. A goal could be to build a complete roadmap Feature, or it could be an intermediate goal, such as doing proof of concept, or doing QA of a built feature.

Epics are created by the Architect and Project Owner. Developers will be asked to create issues for the tasks they need to implement the Epic (goal or feature).


The active sprint is represented in the Kanban board for the project.

Epics are displayed in "Swim Lanes".

New issues should be created whenever needed to represent the task being worked on. Moving an issue to QA will signal that the Architect or Project Owner should confirm the work. The issue will either be closed or sent back to To Do status to be worked on further.

Releasing sprints

At the end of the Sprint, the Project Owner will release the closed issues in the sprint and create the Release Version.